Why Many People Love Vintage Cars

The word vintage is used to describe a lot of things. Quite often it is just used in reference to something that is old or antique. When it comes to defining a vintage car, it is not always so cut and dried. Many people have very conflicting opinions on this and though everyone is entitled to their opinion, they can’t all be right. Determining if a car is vintage or not may vary depending what you need the information for, such as insurance.It isn’t hard to see why so many people love looking at, owning and/or restoring old cars, entering them in vintage car shows to display their labor of love. But it’s more than just pride in a job well done that makes car owners love these classic automobiles as much as they love showing them off. Most vintage cars hark from an era when cars were only available to the elite in society, and most vintage cars today made a significant impact on society in their heyday. Vintage car collectors enjoy the historical significance of their cars as much as they enjoy the car itself.

car-984159_640However, the hobby of collecting and restoring vintage cars is quite rare. One reason why many consider this a rich man’s hobby is the fact that you really would have to invest quite a lot of money to restore the vintage car and make it resemble its old self, which could take a lot of dedication as well.

Good luck to you if you ever need to replace some parts in your vintage car – a lot of these parts are out of production and/or specifically made for the vehicle, and no other car. Technology may have advanced by leaps and bounds since the year these vintage cars were released, but this also means panel beaters may also be challenged by restoring vintage bodywork.

At vintage car shows in South Africa, judges will inspect the cars for flaws, original parts, and whether the car is working or not. Classic car collectors often travel the country from all over South Africa, Capetown, Durban, Port Elizabeth (and sometimes the world) to purchase original parts, but this is becoming even more challenging due to the age of the car. Performance can be quite important, especially at vintage car club races. However, because of their value, you don’t often see vintage cars on the road. If you own one, your best option is to take your vintage car out on a Sunday drive, when the traffic is light and the chances of getting into an accident with a newer, quicker car are much slimmer.

It may cost a fortune at times, but it’s definitely worth it to be at a vintage car show. To see a part of our history, lovingly restored and cared for, is a great experience for young and old. Children marvel over the lack of gadgets, adults over the beautiful leather interiors and real wood panelling that are no longer found in all but the high end luxury cars today. When you visit a vintage car show, remember to marvel over the owner who has spent many hours and a lot of money returning the car to its former beauty.

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Investigation into Foreign Car Manufacturers

Local Investigation – Volkswagen

Volkswagen Badge

German prosecutors said they had widened their investigation into the illegal handling of Volkswagen’s tailpipe emissions, raising the suspects’ number to 17, from six.

According to German privacy rules, no names of the suspects were disclosed.

To this point, no suspects are former or current members of the management board of the company, said Klaus Ziehe, a state’s attorney’s office spokesman in Braunschweig, a city in Wolfsburg near Volkswagen headquarters.

But Mr. Ziehe spoke on the continuing of the investigation, and that there was no any ruled out by prosecutors’ involvement by the top management. According to him “we are currently looking at all levels, which include the board level’s management”.

Mr. Ziehe refused to say what types of jobs the suspects held in the company they were working

Volkswagen didn’t respond immediately to a request for comment.

In another development, Prosecutors from French have formally opened a fraud investigation into diesel cheating by Volkswagen, following a preliminary inquiry which began in October last year. The head of anti-fraud authority in France, Nathalie Homobono, said that a preliminary investigation had really found that fraud by Volkswagen was “intentional.’’

In the local investigation done by German, the growing number of suspects, of whom none have been charged formally, increases the stakes for Volkswagen as it takes a more violent stance about the accusations that the wrongdoing knowledge was spread in the company widely.

In a court filing, Volkswagen stated that, until last summer, no any members of its board of management knew that 11 million diesel vehicles software had been set to cheat on any emissions tests. The filing has shown that the manipulation of the software as the work of “personal employees” that activities couldn’t be detected by any outsiders.

“The board of management of Volkswagen had no any knowledge either of the impermissible software programming or of its later utilization in affected diesel vehicles,” the company declared in a document which is filed on Feb. 29 as also a defense part against lawsuits by any shareholder.

The filing wasn’t made publicly, though Volkswagen had released a summary. The New York Times acquired an entire copy of the document that was over 100 pages.

Volkswagen was accused by the shareholders of violating German laws which require company managers to reveal information which could affect the share price as well, so the dates that top managers learned about the wrongdoing are important to the case in court.

The illegal software really recognized when a car was tested as well as turned up controls of pollution. At other times, the vehicles emitted so many times the permitted level of nitrogen oxides that are linked to premature deaths and severe lung ailments.

VW Golf MK6In a particular document that was filed with a civil court, Volkswagen said that the manipulation of the software had occurred in November 2006 in sections responsible for diesel motor development, motor testing and engine electronics. The cheating took place, the company declared, because Volkswagen workers realized they couldn’t legally meet emissions rules within the budget and time allotted.

Officials at the California Air Resources Board and Environmental Protection Agency began asking questions in May 2014 about Volkswagen emissions, after testing at West Virginia University by technicians revealed some discrepancies between levels of pollution in the lab and also on the road.


The India’s Automotive Industry, Is it Ready to beat China’s market?

Automotive-industry-analysisAutomotive industry

The growth made by automotive industry in recent years was phenomenal and has shown the tremendous transformation. In order to stay in the competitive environment with other industries, the automotive industry has to make some key changes in their policies by complaining strict rules and safety regulations.

Indian-autoCurrent scenario in India

The automotive industry is one of the finest industries of the country by achieving the annual growth rate of almost 9% over the previous year. It accounts for 7 % of the country’s GDP. Apart from the only the two-wheeler industry has a market share of 80 % thereby making it the India’s leading automobile industry.

2015-Impact-of-‘Make-in-India’-on-the-automotive-sectorInitiative Made By GOI with Make in India

This scheme was started by the PM to distinguish India from other countries by achieving the 1st rank in global manufacturing. Also, the automotive industry is not so detached from this initiative.

It is expected that India is going to be the 4th largest producer of automobiles in the world by the year 2020. For this India has started implementing its policies, FDI investment, tax reductions, and allowance to some foreign countries to invest in Indian market. Apart from that government has also created some auto zones or can be said as the auto design centers, auto parks for manufacturing the auto parts inside the country.

Automotive-logistics-China-20160421-7882Comparing both India and China

There is a close relation between these two, in terms of automotive industries in India and china. Both of these countries are having helping hands from the government to starting new projects, creating highly skilled force, fighting with unemployment and at last boosting the economy as a whole. And both o these countries are trying hard to create a green automotive zone for helping nature.

38587192.cmsIf we talk about the density of each country in terms of auto industry then china can be on the heavier side, especially with respect to various MNC’s. Also, India is catching up by making friendly relations with auto giants of the world. Apart from this the workforce of India is also the attraction point, as most of the labors in India are of quite younger age as compares to China. China is slowly losing its younger generation. Predictions are showing that the India will have the 25 % of the world workforce by 2030. China is still a step ahead of India, but India is growing fast and achieving better results day by day.

India is expecting to have a prominent growth in export and with the addition of several initiatives by the Government of India; the Indian market is expected to grow in both 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler industry by the near future.

Future prospective

51466215.cmsThe future of Indian auto industry is looking bright as in comparison to china because china’s economy is facing a moderate growth rate, whereas the India is moving ahead by increasing its growth rate from low to high. Tata motors chairman Mr. Cyrus Mistry said in the recent meeting that the auto Industry of India will expect to see a dramatic change in 2016. Indian economy is growing and various initiatives were made to revive the growth of manufacturing and infrastructure sectors in a country by executing some government rich policies. The motive of the India’s biggest automotive company Tata Motors is to get the every opportunity for the growth of industry in India by making some long term strategies and working on it.